Microblading Services for Fine-Looking Eyebrows

Microblading by Kasha offers superior-quality services for your beauty and skincare needs. We take pride in our growing number of clients throughout Novi, Michigan.

Our Microblading Technique

It is an artistic tattoo procedure where we implant pigment under your skin. Our team utilizes a manual handheld tool instead of a machine to draw hair-like strokes. This technique allows us to mimic the natural hairs in your brows.

Prices vary from $350-$500 based on current brow condition.

($130 for touch ups)

Microneedling Services

This is mostly used on the face to treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores. We provide a dermaroller procedure using small needles to prick your skin. Our treatment produces new collagen and tissue to create smoother, firmer, and more toned skin.

$175 per session



Try Our 3D Lip Shading

Add definition, color, and volume to your lips! In this treatment, we determine the effect needed on the borders of the lips to create a fuller look. Soft contouring is then used with several shades to add depth and dimension.

Lip Pigmentation

We provide a much better, less invasive method of color implantation. We only apply pigments in the upper layers of the skin for that perfect pucker. After the treatment, you can apply your favorite lip product and you’re all set for the day.

$450 (touch ups included)

Enroll in Our Two-Day Course of Microblading Training

We offer training for individuals who want to become licensed microblading technicians. Learn how to build your social media customer base with our help. Once you finish training, you can start performing your first treatments. Each treatment costs up to $500.

Earn Up to $500,000 Annually

Eventually, you can schedule up to five clients a day. This will bring your earnings up to $2,000 daily. The tips and knowledge you’ve gained will help you work a fully booked schedule for a week. In seven days, your earnings will be up to $15,000 including Saturdays. Gross income per month would be up to $50,000 and $500,000 every year.


Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

The procedure involves creating a semipermanent brow tattoo. Using handheld tools, we perform a feather stroke technique. This allows us to make fuller eyebrows and enhance the natural features of your face. Microblading is a softer and more subtle cosmetic tattoo method than older ones.

Ink is used on body tattoos while our treatment involves pigments. They are designed to gently fade over time. Fading is ideal as it allows microblading technicians to alter colors and shapes over the years. This is necessary because every person’s natural coloration and facial changes occur.

An average of two hours is spent on consulting with you to ensure that we are on the same page. Most of the time, we measure and draw on a symmetrical set of brows. We aim to provide the shape and color that best suits you.

The actual procedure takes about 30-60 minutes. Our touch-up appointment usually lasts for an hour as well.

A minimum of two treatments is needed with 6-10 weeks break in between. We want to make sure that your brows heal perfectly. The first touch-up is not included to correct any areas that possibly faded. Additionally, you can make suggestions for any adjustment you desire regarding the shape or color.

It is semipermanent and will fade over time. To maintain the shape, color, and detail, we recommend touch-ups every 1-2 years. Follow-ups are needed a number of times based on factors such as:

  • Skin Type (Oily Skin Fade Faster)
  • Pigment Color Used (Lighter Colors Fade Faster)
  • Sun Exposure (Over Time Can Cause Fading and Discoloration of the Pigment)

Anti-Aging Products

Your daily use of Tretinoin (Retin-A) and Alpha Hydroxy is also taken into consideration. They increase your cell turnover rate and shorten the life span of your cosmetic tattoo.

Rely on us to foster a comfortable experience as much as possible. Before microblading starts, we apply topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. This is followed by a liquid anesthetic during the actual procedure. Some clients feel slightly uneasy, but it’s relatively pain-free for most.

Additional Reminders

Please be advised that if you’re a frequent smoker or are on your menstrual cycle during the treatment, the pain level could be intensified.

We strongly suggest that you avoid working out for seven days after your microblading appointment. It’s better to engage in a light exercise routine with minimal sweating. Then you must clean the tattooed area with lukewarm water as soon as you’re done. The salt in your sweat may fade the tattoo’s pigment quickly and produce poor results.

We do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant women to avoid potential complications.

  • If you have an ideal shape and color in mind, please bring some reference photos to your appointment.
  • Feel free to fill in your eyebrows so we can take a look at the shape you want.
  • Do you regularly get your eyebrows shaped, waxed, threaded, or tinted? If yes, please do so at least three days before your appointment.
  • If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you must wait at least a year before undergoing microblading.
  • Refrain from using Retinol two weeks before and after your microblading appointment.
  • If you get Botox regularly, please get it done no later than two weeks before your treatment. This is to make your brows as symmetrical as possible.
  • Please do not use chemical peels at least four weeks before your appointment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for two weeks. Please observe this before and after your procedure. Do not come to your appointment with a sunburn. If this happens, please email us at least 48 hours prior to your treatment so we can reschedule.
  • Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E, or any blood-thinning medication a day before your appointment.
  • If you’re planning a vacation, we recommended that you do it at least 10 days after the procedure. It would help you achieve better results in your aftercare maintenance.

Sharply Defined Brows

Immediately following your treatment, the tattooed area will appear to be darker and bolder in color. Those features usually last three to four days, which is a normal occurrence.

Swelling and Redness

Most clients experience these within 24-48 hours. In other cases, these effects last for up to three days but do not prevent people from working or socializing. The tattooed area may feel similar to a sunburn, but there should only be minimal discomfort.

Healing and Color

It takes about 6-8 weeks for the complete healing process and the tattoo’s true color to show. Your eyebrow area will soften and lighten as well. Please be patient even if it looks like much color is lost. Your skin is still regenerating and naturally exfoliating itself.

In at least six weeks, the actual color will be evident. After that period, touch-up/adjustment can be done and your tattoo will seem much better. Also, keep in mind that microbladed brows heal up to 30% softer than the initial color.

Final Results

The outcome of your procedure varies based on how your unique skin type holds and breaks down pigments. Tattooed hair strokes on dry skin may appear crisper compared to blurry strokes on oily ones.

At your touch-up appointment, we’ll re-evaluate how your skin area has received the pigment. Depending on your healed results, you may still have to use a pencil or powder. Additional sessions may also be needed to obtain optimal results and will be charged accordingly.

Week One

  • Rinse the tattooed area with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a disposable paper towel three times a day. Then, apply a thin layer of the aftercare ointment we will provide for you. Gently dab on it using a disposable cotton swab.
  • You may shower normally, but please avoid using any soap or cleanser on the treated area. This is detrimental to the bonding process, and the pigment has to stabilize in the dermis.
  • Refrain from working out following your appointment. This is because the salt in sweat fades the pigment on the tattooed area. If you still wish to work out, do a light one with minimal sweating instead. Then you must immediately clean your brows with lukewarm water afterward.

Week Two

  • Continue cleaning with lukewarm water twice with no ointment.

Other Reminders for the First 14 Days

  • Thoroughly clean your hands before touching the tattooed area.
  • Please don’t pick or scratch at the flakiness and let the skin fall off naturally. Picking causes scarring and premature loss of pigment. Take note that when the flakes fall off, your hair strokes will be covered by a shiny layer of healing skin. It will look as though you have no eyebrows. But as your skin regenerates, your hair strokes will return at a lighter shade in about 1-2 weeks.
  • Wear a hat while outside and avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Avoid applying make-up to the tattooed area. The chemicals may interfere with the healing process and coloration.
  • Avoid dipping in swimming pools, jacuzzi, or other bodies of water.
  • Do not soak your face underwater in the bathtub, or have your face sprayed while on the shower.

Things to Consider After the Healing Process

Avoid Sun Exposure

It’s time to wear large sunglasses and hats for further protection. Sun exposure over time leads to fading and discoloration of pigments. Once your brows are completely healed, apply sunscreen on the tattooed area. Also, rinse and dry your brows thoroughly when in contact with chlorine.

Refrain From Exfoliation

Keep clear from Glycolic Acid, Retin-A, face peels, and exfoliating products. Continued use of these items could lighten the pigment on the tattooed area.

Consult Your Laser Technician Before Any Procedure

Are you planning to have laser resurfacing or laser hair removal after your tattoo has healed? If you do, please inform the laser technician. Laser treatments may darken, lighten, or change the color of the tattooed area.


Our Products and Equipment

At Microblading by Kasha, we are dedicated to fostering safety in every treatment. All of our high-quality tools are for onetime use only, and all of our inks are plant based and organic. Our blades, wipes, and any other product used during procedures are disposed of as biohazardous waste. This gives our clients peace of mind and helps us gain their trust in everything we do.